We are soon to be celebrating a full year of trading.  We have had such a brilliant time, talking about and selling Pico pants at a wide range of events and talks all around the country and we have met so many wonderful people along the way.   

We approached this first year like a pilot project.  We sold out of our first batch quicker than expected and have been delighted by the feedback, interest, and support we have received so far.

Starting up and running a business was new for both of us and we always knew that we would never be able to plan for everything.   So we realised from the start we were going to have to be fluid in what we do and flexible to make changes when needed.  

Originally, we planned to sell Pico pants solely ourselves, through markets and online sales and so based our prices on the minimum markup possible.  However, we soon began to realise that this would really limit the number of pants we could sell and therefore our potential to grow and sustain the business.  We have received an increasing amount of interest from stockists, who require a larger mark up to sell.   Therefore to enable ourselves to sell into stockists and broaden the Pico pant reach, we have made the decision to put up our prices.  This was not an altogether easy decision but by doing so, it will allow us to continue as a viable business, wider our reach and hopefully expand our range. 

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone for supporting us thus far. We are excited to share with you how Pico develops in the coming months with lots more events, talks, pop-up shops and creative collaborations lined up.  

Do watch this space..