Project - Pico talking about their experience with khadi and the hand spinning and weaving units they visited in India whilst on their first trip out to India learning about and visiting the whole supply chain of their fairtrade organic cotton underwear. Video originally for the A.W.A.E.K event ; 'A Way Ahead, Ethical Khadi' at the Fashion & Textile Museum - London. Pictures by Alberto Balazs


We have returned to the Hackney Road to form the second edition of The Henri Store - a unique collective of like-minded brands under one roof.

With a strong appreciation of craftsmanship and sustainability at the heart of each brand, The Henri Store tells a story of beautiful design, local production and creative integrity.

The range of products includes organic cotton shirts, bags & accessories, linen homewares and clothing, jewellery, handmade footwear and organic cotton underwear.


Visit us from Saturday 9th Sept - Sun 15th Oct

Mon - Tues | Closed
Weds - Fri | 11 - 7
Sat | 10 - 6
Sun | 11 - 5

274 Hackney Road, E2 7SJ



We are soon to be celebrating a full year of trading.  We have had such a brilliant time, talking about and selling Pico pants at a wide range of events and talks all around the country and we have met so many wonderful people along the way.   

We approached this first year like a pilot project.  We sold out of our first batch quicker than expected and have been delighted by the feedback, interest, and support we have received so far.

Starting up and running a business was new for both of us and we always knew that we would never be able to plan for everything.   So we realised from the start we were going to have to be fluid in what we do and flexible to make changes when needed.  

Originally, we planned to sell Pico pants solely ourselves, through markets and online sales and so based our prices on the minimum markup possible.  However, we soon began to realise that this would really limit the number of pants we could sell and therefore our potential to grow and sustain the business.  We have received an increasing amount of interest from stockists, who require a larger mark up to sell.   Therefore to enable ourselves to sell into stockists and broaden the Pico pant reach, we have made the decision to put up our prices.  This was not an altogether easy decision but by doing so, it will allow us to continue as a viable business, wider our reach and hopefully expand our range. 

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone for supporting us thus far. We are excited to share with you how Pico develops in the coming months with lots more events, talks, pop-up shops and creative collaborations lined up.  

Do watch this space..



Images © La Eva

Images © La Eva

The La-Eva studio is a beautiful, tranquil space embodying all that Louisa creates with her delicate yet powerful scents. We were so happy to have been invited to be part of the current studio's installation, inspired by the new La-Eva scent Jasmina.  

In Louisa's own words:

"  So, the past few weeks have seen the organic come together of like-minded thinkers, makers, and purveyors of beautiful goods under the vaulted ceiling of the LA-EVA studio. Individually and collectively they have contributed elements to our surroundings, inspired by the idea of curating an environment to a scent. With notes of JASMĪNA thick in the air, the studio has seen the arrival of select objects of beauty - or, if you like, units of well being ☺️. In the days and weeks to come we will share more on our collaborations and the circle of friends, old and new, which seems to be expanding organically by the day.

For those who may enjoy an 'in vivo' visit to our sawmill abode we will be opening the studio every Saturday 10.30 - 2.30 from the first weekend in September. Decent cups of coffee, soulful art, one-of-a-kind objects and organic products with integrity on offer. "

Pico pants hang on washing lines threaded through the eaves, above carefully selected items from Atta Yoga mats, Illyria Pottery, Louisa Maybury Textiles, The Basketroom, Rose-Marie Caldecott fine art, Eve Sleep mattresses,  floral crowns by Nina, reading material by Lagom , Tamay & Me jackets and or course beautiful brown glass bottles filled with La-Eva organic beauty.  

Find out more about the beautiful La-Eva collection of scents and lotions visit  www.la-eva.com or follow on instagram www.instagram.com/lifelaeva


Spot our Trunk Shorts featured in the most recent "Social Issue" of the Holborn Magazine.  Pico pants are nestled between great brands such as Nudie and within a magazine full of fascinating articles, including some about companies, who we find particularly inspiring, such as; Community Clothing & The Do Network.  


We had a great day taking part at the Lissome Pop-Up event last Sunday 25th June. 

It was wonderful to meet so many new brands and customers as well as old friends.  Here's a list of some of the great brands involved, click on each of the images to visit each brand's website:


We are super happy to be joining a wonderful group of young designers as part of The Henri Store Pop Up shop on 274 Hackney Road. 

Henri produces classic and elegant organic cotton shirts.   Ottowin makes gorgeous leather shoes and sandals from their workshop in Bristol.   Ren hand prints beautiful linen homewares and clothing.  ZM makes amazing jewellery out of recycled silver and gold, inspired by her travels.

The shop will be running Wed - Sun, 11am - 7pm till the 18th June.   Do pop by, we'd love to see you!


There have been a lot more bottoms wearing PICO pants since Christmas!  We had a lovely time in the lead up, selling at fairs in both Dorset and London.  We met lots of lovely people and it was great to see new & old friends.  We felt very grateful for all the positive feedback and support we received.   


Our visit to Gram Seva Mandal, in the Wardha district of Maharashtra, was an unexpected delight. After a few hours of being lost in rural Gopuri, in 49.8* heat, we were very happy to have found the ashram and meet the wonderful Tanmay who kindly welcomed his unexpected visitors with cups of refreshing lemongrass chai.

As we sat on his step, listening to him talk about the cotton industry, it’s history, it’s many issues as well as its wonders, we were immediately struck by his in-depth knowledge and passion.

Tanmay had learnt about Karuna & Vasant, and their work at Gram Seva Mandal and after studying he left his home city to live with them in their ashram. Here he has learnt how to grow and produce organically, live self-sufficiently and the art of village-scale production of hand-woven Khadi.

Walking into the workshop was like entering an Aladdin’s cave, a space dedicated to the developing, innovating and salvaging of village scale machines which will allow communities to produce hand-woven cotton, from seed to cloth. There were so many things in the works, from domestic ginning machines, to roving machines, to a wide variety of spinning wheels, those small enough to carry on the train, to larger ones for whole communities to use - a homage to Gandhi and his philosophy.

We were also taken to the weaving unit where we were greeted by three young girls who had recently started to learn to weave from a great master weaver. It was very impressive to see the skill the girls had so quickly picked up and see the master weaver producing fabric of exceptional fineness and quality. It was inspiring to see this ancient and beautiful craft alive and progressing in 2016.

We left feeling blessed to have had this time with Tanmay and to have learnt about the impressive work of Gram Seva Mandal whilst also understanding more about the political relevance and importance of khadi today. We were both inspired and encouraged by their work and hope that we can continue to learn from and stay connected to Tanmay and Gram Seva Mandal.

We are so grateful to Kishore & Vasanti for encouraging us to visit Gram Seva Mandal and all their help facilitating this!


On the night of our launch, with a lot of help from the team at The Yurt Care and our dear friends and family - 120 guests were welcomed with a delicious Autumn cocktail (huge thanks to Sipsmith & Fever-Tree) and the sounds of the wonderful three piece playing soft american jazz.

Everyone congregated outside amongst the flares, candles and chimineas on the warm autumn eve before being beckoned down to the big screen. No one quite knew where they were being taken and were all amazed to find tucked away around the corner was a huge screen with PICO projected on it and an amphitheater dug out the ground. Such an atmospheric spot, in the pitch-black with the sounds and lights of the DLR occasionally flying by in the distance. Here we gave a talk to everyone about our journey so far and showed pictures of our trip to India alongside what we had been learning about conventional cotton & clothing manufacturings and the benefits of organic and fair trade.

Anna from the Yurt cafe’s delicious squash curry was served up in the community Hub which everyone raved about and we got multiple requests for the recipe. The yurt was then filled with folk listening to the incredible tunes and enjoying organic cider from our home county Dorset and Toast beer which is made from left over bread. 

PICO then had its first experience of running a shop as everyone was able to buy a pair of PICO pants and postcards and we were so happy that so many people did.

An unforgettable and incredibly special evening and we couldn’t be more happy to have launched PICO at The Yurt Cafe.  Thank you so much to all at St. Katharine’s Precinct.

Keep an eye out for PICO's "Gather & Mend" community evenings starting in November at The Yurt Cafe! 


Venue: The Yurt Cafe 

Food & Drink: Sipsmith Sloe Gin Fever-Tree Tonic , Toast Ale , Dorset Nectar Organic Cider , Peanut & Butternut Squash Curry

Music : Whiskey Moon Face


Phoebe & Isobel with the other Bijas at the 'Gandhi, Globalisation & GNH' course led by Dr Shiva & Satish Kumar.  Navdanya, April 2016.

Phoebe & Isobel with the other Bijas at the 'Gandhi, Globalisation & GNH' course led by Dr Shiva & Satish Kumar.  Navdanya, April 2016.

Dr Vandana Shiva is an environmental activist at the forefront of bringing awareness to the issues surrounding conventional cotton farming industry in India, and its devastating effects on the farmers and their communities.  Whilst out in India we were very keen to meet Dr Shiva and so made a special trip to her biodiversity farm, Navdanya (meaning nine seeds).  

Whilst we were there, we took part in a course on Gandhi, Globalisation and Gross National Happiness. Taught by Dr Vandana Shiva, along with some other philosophers and teachers, such as Satish Kumar from Resurgence (one of the highly regarded magazines on ecology, social justice, spirituality & sustainability) & Rajgopal from Ekta Parishad (a huge non violent people's movement dedicated to social & land reform in India).  We studied alongside 40 international students who, each searching in their own ways for a more sustainable way of living.

We found it some of the most thought provoking 10 days of our lives.

Navdanya has so far helped half a million farmers move into organic farming practices. Since corporations took over control of the seed industry & introduced GM cotton into India, Navdanya has been fighting for the rights of the farmers.   The organisation has set up seed banks in 120 communities across India, whilst also providing support and education in organic and sustainable farming, such as in teaching natural pest control. a

Dr Shiva is one of the most influential activists, environmentalists & promoters of sustainable farming in India.  We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to her about our project - do have a listen!