We are so happy to share this very special series of photos taken by our dear friend and very talented photographer Naomi Wood and accompanied by some beautifully open and honest words she has written on the subject of motherhood.


I thought motherhood would feel so magical, but it’s not. It’s blood and sweat and sick and milk and poo. It’s primal, it’s gross.

When he has a cold I have to suck the snot from his nose so he can breathe. I wake up in the morning in a puddle of my own milk. And when he cries the pull to care for him is so strong it feels like a cheese grater is being pulled through my insides. It’s suffocating. I cry most days.

But as I get to know Charlie, the love I feel is like nothing else, it feels like this is what life is all about, it’s a cliche but it makes all the pain worthwhile.

A friend asked me the other day if I was worried about reproducing, don’t humans already damage the planet enough? I don’t think that’s what the bad guys are thinking, the climate sceptics don’t care, we need to outnumber those guys.

So keep reproducing, make love, not war.


With our huge thanks to Naomi for sharing this very intimate space with us and capturing motherhood with so much beauty and realness.

Based between Bristol and London, Naomi Wood is a portrait photographer working across fashion, music and editorial commissions. Working with brands that promote inclusivity and diversity, her personal work looks to redefine standard notions of beauty.

You can see more of her work by visiting her website or instagram.