Designing for all of PROJECT #1  all happened “in-house” at our little terraced home in east London.  It has been going on for two years and involved lots of market research, analysing, measuring, drawing, making up samples, trying on and going back to the drawing board multiple times. We never imagined there could be so much involved in the making of a perfect pair of everyday pants!

We certainly couldn’t have done it without the help of other people. In particular, we would like to thank: James from AJM in Wales, who helped us with our first samples, as well as Girish and his team at MILA, who have been exceptionally patient and understanding as we have gone through the learning process.  

Our understanding family & friends have got very used to trying on PICO underwear in all its various stages of development. One of our favourite moments to date was Isobel’s Grandma being caught trying on PICO pants by the village vicar moments before our WI debut.

Together many people have contributed to the process of refining the designs and helping with the shapes and comfort factors as well as helping to source that exact blue/black/ grey/navy colour we never found a name for, but isn’t it just right?!

We’re pretty chuffed with the results, but we know that everyone has an opinion on what makes their everyday underwear perfect.  We would love it if PICO pants became your favourites, so please do get in touch if you have feedback and we will take note!